Welcome to the Cherry Hills Home Owners Association

Neigborhood Garage Sale scheduled for May 28 to May 30th.
The board will post signs and notice in the paper.
Clean out your basement and your garage, and make some money in the process.

June board meeting date has been moved to June 1st due to conflicts at Holiday Inn.

If you need assistance with trash cans, please review the 'Trash Collection' tab for City Help Line.  

Please call 402-991-4002 the phone line or email; cherryhillsboard@gmail.com.
Send correspondence to: P.O. Box 641803 - Omaha, NE 68164-7803.

If you call in, please speak slowly and clearly.  If you are reporting a violation, you do not need to give your address, but you must give the address of the house in violation.  We occasionally get calls where the caller gives their address and simply states 'my neighbor', but we often cannot determine which house this would be.

 If you are new, click the 'covenants' tab for welcome documents!

If you have any questions of the board, or would like to be on the agenda for a future board meeting,
please contact us at the phone/email/address above. 
We welcome home owners to attend the meetings and voice their concerns. 

Trash cans visible from street?  Please see latest update to Home Owner's FAQ