Welcome to the Cherry Hills Home Owners Association

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FIRE PITS:  We have had questions about fire pits.  Here is the official word:

Fire pits are allowed in the Cherry Hills subdivision, Per the covenants as long as they are used to provide warmth and enjoyment. They are not to be used to burn trash or garbage. They must also be used in accordance with the city of Omaha ordinances. Anything producing an offensive odor or smoke, the resident May call 911 and report the incident and they will send out the fire department to extinguished the fire and the resident may be subject to a fine.

Next board meeting set for February 7th.

If you need assistance with trash cans, please review the 'Trash Collection' tab for City Help Line.  

Please call 402-991-4002 the phone line or email; cherryhillsboard@gmail.com.
Send correspondence to: P.O. Box 641803 - Omaha, NE 68164-7803.

If you call in, please speak slowly and clearly.  If you are reporting a violation,
 you do not need to give your address, but you must give the address of the house in violation..

 If you are new, click the 'covenants' tab for welcome documents!

If you have any questions of the board, or would like to be on the agenda for a future board meeting,
please contact us at the phone/email/address above. 
We welcome home owners to attend the meetings and voice their concerns. 

Trash cans visible from street?  Please see latest update to Home Owner's FAQ